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Daily bank feeds

Connect your bank accounts, loans, credit cards and PayPal account to directly import transactions in Myaccountant.

Bank reconciliation

Effortlessly match and reconcile your bank transactions saving you valuable time.


Monitor your cash flow in real-time and gain insights into your income and expenses for better financial decision-making.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is it secure to connect my bank accounts?


Yes. We have partnered with Yodlee, a global leader in banking information to stroe your information securely. Yodlee is trusted by over 26 million users worldwide.

Which banks are supported for bank feeds?


Bank feeds are available for most Australian banks and financial institutions. If you are not able to see your bank listed, please use the search option to find your financial institution.

Can I manually categorize and edit transactions?


Yes, you have full control over your transactions. You can categorize, re-categorise and attach expense receipts directly to the transaction.

Is there a limit to the number of bank accounts I can connect?


There is no set limit on the number of bank accounts you can link, allowing you to manage multiple accounts effortlessly.

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