Register Myaccountant software with the ATO

There are two ways you can notify the ATO that you are using Myaccountant as your Single Touch Payroll software.

1. Over the phone

You can call ATO on 1300 85 22 32.

You will need your 10 digit software ID from Myaccountant.

You will also need Myaccountant's ABN. Our ABN is 81 610 976 719.

2. Online via Access Manager

Follow the below steps to notify the ATO via the access manager:

1. For Access Manager, go to ATO's website, and in the Login options select Access Manager.

2. Click on Login with MyGov ID

3. In the side menu options, click on My hosted SBR software services.

4. Click on Notify the ATO of your hosted services button.

5. Enter Myaccountant's ABN or type Myaccountant in the service provider name field and search.

6. Click on the ABN number displayed on the screen to select.

7. Enter the 10 digit software ID from Myaccountant, then click on Next.

8. Then click on Save to complete the software nomination process.