Connect a bank account

By connecting your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans accounts you can import live bank feed in to Myaccountant.

Step 1 is to connect to your bank

In the side menu, click on Bank Connect option. Then click on Options button and then Connect to Bank.

Select your bank. If you don't see the name of your bank in the list, please use the search bar to find your bank.

Enter the login credentials as requested on the screen, then click on Submit button.

Please note that we do not store your banking loging credentials on our servers.

Your credentials will be verified and if successful, all the accounts held with the bank will be listed. You have successfully connected with the bank. Next, click on Close button to return to Myaccountant.

Step 2 is to add bank accounts for receiving bank feeds

Click on Banks tab to view all connected banks. Click on View Accounts to view available accounts to add.

Click on Link Account button to select and add the bank account for which you wish to receive the bank feed.

To view all the linked accounts and their bank feeds, go to Accounts tab, then click on View Transactions.