Employee payroll profile setup

In this article, you will learn about the range of data that you will need to collect for employees, including:  

  • Employees Tax File Number, date of birth, payroll ID and contact information.
  • Tax treatment of the employee.
  • Employee’s employment conditions.

Personal details

In the employee personal details, you will need to complete employee’s date of birth and address details.


Tax details


In tax you will need to enter employee’s TFN. Please do not enter ABN unless the payee is a contractor.

Category Type

You will also need to select the Category Type. The category type represents the tax table or withholding rates applicable to the employee.  

Tax Scale

Then select the applicable tax scale. Complete additional details as applicable.


Payroll Id

Payroll Id is a unique identifier for the employee. Myaccountant will automatically generate and assign a unique payroll Id to the employee. The ATO uses a combination of identifiers to identify the employee and payroll Id is one of the identifiers.

Old Payroll Id

Old payroll Id is used when you change payroll software.You will need to insert employees’ payroll Id from the old payroll software to advise the ATO of the software change.

Employment Dates

The start date is the date when the employee started in the current employment. The end date is the date when the employee ceases employment. End date code is the reason code for cessation of the employment. You will need to select the reason for cessation if you insert the employment end date.  

Income Type

Income type is the payment made to employees that will be assigned to an income type. From the available options you will need to select the appropriate income type paid to the employee.

Country Code

Country code, for specific income types you will need to report a country code. For the following income types the country code is mandatory:

  • Foreign employment income
  • Inbound assignees to Australia
  • Working holiday maker

The country code is the employee’s country of nationality, for example, for working holiday makers the country of nationality will be in accordance with their working holiday maker visa.

The rest of the details are optional. Only complete them if you require the information to be printed on employees’ payslips.