How to pay employee super

You will need to Register with Beam before you can start paying employee super via Myaccountant platform. If you have not registered yet, refer to this article on how to register with Beam.

Step 1 - Create payment request

The first step is to create and submit payment instructions to Beam. In the side menu options, click on Payroll, then in the payroll sub-menu options, click on Superannuation.

Next, click on Add Payment button. Complete the period from date and period to date. Then select your prefered payment method to make the super payment.  

You should see a new payment record added to the list in the table. Click on open to open the record.

The employees and their super guarantee amount should be automatically pre-filled from the payroll data in Myaccontant. Please review the amounts with the payroll data to ensure the super contribution amounts are complete and accurate.

Next, click on the dropdown button and select Validate. This will validate the data including employees and their superfund details.

If there are any errors, review and fix the errors. In the below example, the employee's super fund ABN is incorrect.

After fixing the errors, click on Validate again to ensure the previous errors have been resolved and there are no more errors.

Then click on Lodge to submit the payment request.

Step 2 : Making super payment.

The payment details will be displyed on the payment request. In the below example, the payment method selected was BPAY.

Once the payment has been made, you can track the progress of the payment right until the payments are sent to the employees fund.

You can manually update the payment status by clicking on the drop down button and then selecting Check Status.