Create your first pay run

In this article you will learn how to create your first pay run with the pay items

As this is your first pay run, it will take some extra work.

Create pay run

1. In the side menu bar click on Pay runs. Then on the pay run page click on Add Pay run button.

2. Enter pay run start date, end date and pay date, then click on Save.

3. The pay run record will be created and it will appear in the Pay runs list. Now in table, under Actions click on Open to make updates to the newly created pay run.

4. When you open the pay run, you will see all employees automatically added in the pay run.

Now to add pay details for each of the employee, click on the employee.

5. Because this is your first pay run, you will not see any pay items for the employees. To add pay items, click on Add Pay Item button.

Create pay items – you will have to create a standard list of pay items

Continue the below steps to create pay items.

6. When you click on Add Pay Item button, a pop up screen will appear from the bottom. Click on New pay item button in the pop up screen.

7. Give a name to the pay item, and from the Pay item type drop down, select the applicable type of pay item.

In the below example, we will give a name to the pay item, let’s call it Base pay. Then, select the type Ordinary Earnings. Click on Save button to create the pay item.

8. The new pay item will be added to the list of pay items.

Repeat step 6 and 7 to add more pay items.

Adding pay items to employee’s pay

9. Select the pay items you would like to add to the employee’s pay run, then click on Add button.

10. Now click on Quantity and Rate, add details as required and then click on Save to save changes.

You have successfully created you first pay run.