For Accountants

In this article, you will learn about the different options available on the settings page and how to complete them.


You will find Settings option in the top right corner menu.


In profile you can update your first name, last name and contact number. You will not be able to update your email id. To update your email id contact our support and they should be able to update this for you.

Here you can also upload your business logo.

Click on the Edit button to make the labels editable. Then click on Update to save changes.


In business details you can add your Business name and address details. You can also include any industry or profession related registration or membership number and this will get printed on your invoices.

Click on the Edit button to make the labels editable. Then click on Update to save changes.

Australian Business Number (ABN)

In ABN you can add your ABN details. Enter the ABN number, then click on Validate button to lookup ABN details. Once you have confirmed, click on Save.

Click on Clear button to delete the entered ABN.

Bank Details

In bank details section enter your business bank account details. These details will get printed on your invoices.

You can also generate an ABA file, for example, for your payroll payments. Complete the financial institution code, lodgement reference and APCA user id to be able to generate an ABA file.

Tax Rates

Enable GST settings from here to track GST on your income and expense transactions.

ATO Settings

The information in ATO settings is used in your interaction with the ATO services such as STP submissions and lodging activity statements for your practice business or your clients.

In Tax/BAS agent number label you will need to enter your agent number. This is mandatory for accessing ATO services.

Businesses who do not have ABN will need to add their Withholding Payer Number (WPN) for successfully submitting their STP. This will probably not apply to you.

Enter your 3 digit ABN branch number. The branch number is used in both, Single Touch Payroll submissions and to access and lodge business activity statements.

Your unique 10 digit software id is displayed in ATO settings. The software id is used to link your Myaccountant software with the ATO via software nomination process. You cannot edit or delete your software id. Using your software id you will be able to make STP submissions and lodge activity statements for all your clients.

BMSID is a unique identifier issued by Myaccountant. BMSID is used by the ATO to identify your STP submissions. You cannot edit or delete the BMSID. The Old BMSID label is used to add the BMSID from your old payroll software when you are in the process of changing your payroll software to Myaccountant.

Superannuation funds

Here you can add your default superannuation fund details. Click on Add button to create new labels to add the details. You can delete each row by clicking on the bin icon.

Invoice Settings

In invoice settings you can add a prefix and suffix to invoice numbers. In invoice terms you can add your business standard terms and conditions to print on every invoice.

Change Password

Here you can update your account password.


You can enable two factor authentication on your account for extra security. If you are using Payroll or other ATO services in Myaccountant, it is strongly recommended that you enable two factor authentication on your account.