How to add employees

Learn how to add new employee to the payroll and complete payroll settings for the employee

1. In the side menu bar, click on Payroll to view sub menu items. Then click on Employees.

2. On employees page, click on Add New Employee button.

3. Fill in the details and click on Save.

The new employee record will now appear in the employees list.

Next, complete the required payroll related information and settings for the employee.

4. From the employees page, click on Edit to open the employee record.

5. On the employee page, by default you should be on the Profile tab. If not click on Profile. All employee setting options are available in the profile tab.

6. Click on Personal to expand the section. Then click on Edit button and complete the following details and then click on Update to save changes:

  • Date of birth
  • Street address, suburb, state and post code. Country is not a mandatory field.

7. Click on Bank. the bank details are not mandatory for STP submission to the ATO.

To add employee bank details for your records, click on Edit button, complete the details and click on Update button to save changes.

8. Click on Tax, then Edit.

Add employee’s TFN. From Residency type and Tax scale drop down, select as appropirate. Then click on Update to save changes.

9. Click on Super to add superannuation details.

The super guarantee contribution rate by default is 10% (effective 1 July 2021). To update the rate, click on Edit button. When finish adding employee’s super fund details and making changes to the super rate, click on Update button to save changes.

10. Click on Employment to update employment related details as below and click on Update button to save changes:

  • Employment Status: select as appropriate.
  • Employee number is not mandatory. If you want to assign a particular employee number then add here.
  • Leave details: select the accrual method you want to use for leave accrual calculation. The leave is calculated based on the assumption that the annual leave entitlement for annual leave is 152 and sick leave is 76. You can update these as per your industry and business requirements.
  • Opening balance: you can enter opening balance for this employee in the given fields.