View and update payroll details

In addition to accessing your payslips and tracking your leave, you can also view all your details save in the payroll system. You can update some of the information to keep your details in the payroll system up to date. For the details that are not editable, you will need to contact your employer to update them.

After you login, click on My Payroll option in the side menu. You can click on the sub-menu items to view and edit the information.


In Tax, you can view your TFN and other information that determines the specific tax rate applicable to you. You will not be able to update this information. To update tax related information, you will need to contact your employer.


Here, you can view and update your superannuation fund details. Click on the edit button to make the labels editable. The super guarantee rate is not editable.

To add your super fund details you will need to complete:

  1. Fund name
  2. Fund ABN
  3. USI Number; and
  4. Employee number

The Electronic Service Address and Super Fund Bank Details are mandatory only if your nominated super fund is a Self Manageed Super Fund (SMSF).


Here, you can view your employement conditions, including your employement status, i.e. Full time, part-time etc, employment start date and payroll ID. The information on this page is read-only and not editable.

Bank Details

Here, you can add or update your bank details. Click on Edit button to make the labels editable. Then click on Update button to save changes.


Here, you can add or update your address details to make sure the information in the payroll system and on your payslip is up to date.